Updated at 16:52,05-06-2020

Two more paintings removed from Pahonya association exhibition


Scandals and interdictions accompany the jubilee exhibition of the painters association Pahonya. Two paintings - Alyaksei Marachkin’s and Ales Pushkin’s - were removed on the first day. Both of them made allusions to the events in Ukraine.

Two more paintings were removed on November 25, Radio Liberty reports. The first one is Ales Tsyrkunou’s work dedicated to the WWII and Belarusians’ participation in the battles near Monte Cassino, Italy. The second one is Uladzimir Krukouski’s painting called What people are we? dedicated to the Pahonya emblem (in the photo).

The paintings were removed secretly and the painters were not informed about it, head of the Pahonya association, painter Henadz Drazdou said. The painters are preparing to send an appeal to the head of the Painters Union Ryhor Sitnitsa to find out why and when the paintings were removed and who ordered to do it.