Updated at 20:14,02-06-2020

Svetlana Alexievich officially not a culture figure in Belarus


When Belarus's Deputy Minister of Culture Iryna Dryha was presenting the new Code on Culture at the House of Representatives on Thursday, she made it clear who should be considered the figures of culture and art. She said it was necessary to legally separate culture figures from culture workers.

Dryha: "From a legal point of view, culture and art figures are artists and culture workers with honorary titles - this is the current situation. After adoption of the Code, culture figures will be those culture workers with with state awards. "

Dryha suggested to call those who do not have state awards representatives of creative intelligentsia, artists and cultural workers.

Incidentally, the Nobel laureate writer Svetlana Alexievich has no state awards. Accordingly, in Belarus, she cannot be considered a "culture figure" but only a "creative worker".