Updated at 14:13,22-06-2018

Public animal hotel to open in Minsk in December


The first Belarusian state animal hotel will open in Minsk in December, Minsk Housing Association CEO Vital Smirnou told BELTA.

They have received 16 out of the needed 18 permissions, he said. The energy and construction inspectorates have not given their permissions yet. Their remarks will be taken into account within a few days.

The animal hotel is situated at the intersection of Yanka Bryl and Hurski Streets. 36 dogs and the same number of cats can be accommodated there at the same time. Security cameras are installed in all the boxes.

A sports cynological centre, veterinary pharmacy and a pet food shop will be opened in the hotel.

One day in the hotel will cost Br150 roubles (without food). The same service costs 200 or 300 roubles a day in private hotels, the organizers say.