Updated at 18:23,25-06-2018

BT: Belarusian students possible target for terrorist recruiters

Artsiom Martynovich, Euroradio

Belarusian students may interest recruiters of ISIS. This opinion was expressed by Maryiana Kachubey, Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board of the CIS Antiterrorist Center, on TV channel Belarus 1.

Kachubei: "Today, ISIS needs a lot of involvement of human resources and qualified specialists. ISIS recruiters have turned to universities. And, I believe, not only in Russia. I cannot give any assurance that the Belarusian universities are not targeted. After all, they have maintained a good quality of training."

Incidentally, last year the CIS experts detected in Belarus only six incidents of extremism.

ISIS is a terrorist organization based in Syria, which extends its influence on part of the territory of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and other countries. The armed groups include thousands of militants, many of them are former soldiers from different countries. Western coalition and Russia, implementing air strikes on the positions of the terrorists in Syria are fighting against the Islamic State.