Updated at 14:13,22-06-2018

Eurostat reports on Belarusian migrants in EU


Most Belarusian citizens live in Lithuania, Poland and Latvia, the EU statistical organization Eurostat reports.

There are 2302 Belarusians in Lithuania. Only the Russian minority is bigger there – 10 298 people. Ukrainians are in the third place (1662).

Belarusians are the third biggest diaspora in Poland – 5407 people (6%). There are 19 983 Ukrainians and 6147 Germans in Poland.

Belarusians are in the fifth place among the minorities in Latvia – 1686 people or 1% of all foreign citizens. Interestingly, there are 253 643 non-citizens in Latvia and all of them are considered to be foreigners. There are more Russians (13%), Lithuanians (1%) and Ukrainians (1%) than Belarusians in Latvia.

The biggest minority groups in Europe are Turks, Russians, Ukrainians and Moroccans.