Updated at 14:13,22-06-2018

Mahiliou ideologues to conduct sociological study worth 20K dollars


The Chief Ideology Department of Mahiliou Regional Executive Committee has announced a tender to conduct a sociological study. It is planned to spend 362,210,000 rubles (about 20 thousand dollars) on it.

Ideologists are interested in the socio-political situation in the region before the elections to the House of Representatives, the state and social importance of the Belarusian language and the level of corruption in the region.

As to the Belarusian language, the ideologues will survey the willingness of the citizens to the revival of the language and its promotion as an element of culture, the role of media in promoting the language. It is also planned to find out how widespread the Belarusian language is used in everyday life of the Mahiliou citizens.

Applications for the tender are accepted until 19 January. All the documents necessary to participate in the tender are listed at icetrade.by.