Updated at 20:11,29-10-2020

Yanka Kupala Theatre actor stands trial in Minsk

Ales Piletski, Euroradio

An actor of the Yanka Kupala Theatre is standing trial in Minsk. Artsyom Barodzich, 34, is accused of ‘drug trafficking’. He is standing trial in Minsk October District Court. A lot of journalists and actors of the Yanka Kupala Theatre are present in the court room. He smoked marijuana once or twice a month in the past 6 months ‘because of stressful work’, the actor confessed. He bought this last smoke for $750 in September 2015 and kept the weed in his fridge. He is not a drug dealer, he claimed.

Barodzich is facing from 5 to 8 years of imprisonment with or without the confiscation of property. Vitsebsk Courts pronounced a suspended sentence to Barodzich for illegal drug trafficking six years ago.

The actor played his last part in the performance The Black Lady of Nesvizh on January24. He was arrested soon afterwards. Barodzich has worked in the Yanka Kupala Theatre since 2009. See here for more details.

There are a lot of journalists and actors in the court room.