Updated at 20:51,24-11-2020

Slutsk teenager blackmails schoolgirls with naked photos


A high school boy from Slutsk created a fake page in “VKontakte” looking like one of the model agency. At first, he asked girls to send him a photo in a swimsuit, and then – naked, later – videos with scenes of masturbation.

According to the “Info-Courier,” the Slutsk pupil is an A grader and an athlete. He recently got himself a fake page in a social network and began to visit the pages of some girls who studied at the same school with him. “He wrote them messages on behalf of an employee of the agency looking for new faces,” said Vyachaslau Reut, acting head of department for drug control and anti-trafficking of Slutsk. – And the girls believed him.”

The boy praised the victims: “You are so beautiful, well-groomed, you have a beautiful model look,” he stressed that he needed to look at their figures in bathing suits. Andrei convinced the victims that if the pictures were good, they would get a photo shoot for a magazine for a fee of $10-15K.

Schoolgirls were glad to hear the promising proposals and sent their pictures without any suspicion.

When they received a request from the “model agent” to send nude pictures, they did it with no questions asked.

After some time, the boy started blackmailing them: he threatened to post the pictures on the internet for the whole school to see. To avoid this, he demanded theat they send more photos. So much so, that girls masturbated in front of the camera and sent the videos to the guy.

“Blackmail would continue, unless the graduate’s page became noticed by the staff of the Slutsk police,” said Vyachaslau Reut.

A case was launched With regard to the teenager for production and distribution of pornographic materials or items of a pornographic nature depicting a minor.

If a high school student is found guilty, he may face a term of 3-8 years of imprisonment. The boy is currently attending school.