Updated at 15:27,23-09-2020

Entry-ban for Belarusian singer Maks Korzh in Ukraine


Belarusian singer Max Korzh has been banned from entering Ukraine. He received a stamp with the entry ban in the Kyiv airport "Borispol".

It happened during the passport control. The reason for the ban was not given, but it became known that Max Korzh had a concert in Crimea, in Sevastopol on August 2, 2015. Ukraine considers Crimea an illegally occupied territory, so entering it without permission is a violation of Ukraine's legislation. This concert could have been a reason for the ban.

Korzh was denied entry already on 17 February, but he went public with it only now. He writes that he is not on the official "blacklist". In March Max Korzh had a scheduled tour of Ukrainian cities.

Earlier, the singer's website reported that the concerts were scheduled in Crimea, but did not take place. Reference to the previously published information was given by tut.by, but now this information is not available on the site of Korzh.