Updated at 17:39,28-11-2020

Belarus may introduce additional security measures at airports

Kiryl Prapiaska, Euroradio

On March 31, the European Committee for Civil Aviation examined new security requirements for EU airports, Lithuanian portal DELFI reports.

In essence, at the entrance to the airport, person will have their luggage checked. The guards can also check the pockets. If new requirements are approved, they will be enforced in more than 800 European airports.

Such measures are in place, for example, in Moscow's Domodedovo airport. There, the baggage of all the airport visitors is passed through x-rays directly at the entrance to the building. A more careful examination is later conducted before boarding.

Head of the Belarus State Inspectorate for Safety, Yury Kastyukevich, said that if the decision is made in the European Union, "we will also consider this issue."

Safety measures at the Minsk National Airport were tightened immediately after the attacks in Brussels. Their details were not disclosed by Kastyukevich not to violate security.

But will the crowds gathering in front of entrances to airports safe from terrorist attacks?

"Any security measure makes sense, whether it is justified or not is another question. We do not have any crowds so far. These measures have already been used in the past. In Russia's Sheremetyevo airport, for example. There used to be frames. If in Europe it is approved, we will consider it," answered this question Yury Kastyukevich.

Lithuanian expert in the field of aviation Rytis Dulinskas also supports the following measures:

"I have come across these security measures. In my opinion, all that increases the safety is good," DELFI quotes the expert.

Dulinskas stressed that in this issue it must be decided what is more important -- safety or freedom of movement. "Yes, it can disrupt the movement, prolong the time of certain procedures, it should be taken into account. But the fact that this measure is used and that the practice still exists, apparently, is still justified," said Dulinskas.