Updated at 19:48,25-10-2020

Pornhub unveils statistics on Belarusian women


One of the most popular sites with pornographic videos has published a study which pointed out which content is the most interesting for female audience. Statistics was prepared for the International Women’s Day.

For the first time the creators of the site compared the interests of women separately from men. The study featured information on Belarusian women who prefer anal porn clips.

According to the data for 2015, women make 24% of 60 million user of PornHub (about 14.4 million).

Viewers from Australia, major part of North and South America as well as India, Europe and some Arab countries are most interested in lesbian porn.

In Africa, the most popular videos feature black people, in China and Mongolia – hentai, Kazakhstan – “big penises.” The UK women like BDSM videos, transgender people in Argentina and in Germany like fetish.

Average time of porn watching for women is 10 minutes 33 seconds. There is no statistics for Belarus. The longest watched adult videos are in the Philippines -14 minutes and 20 seconds, as well as in the United States – 11 minutes 51 seconds.

By the way, the earlier PornHub study found that the Belarusian male visitors are most interested in videos with the “mature” tag.