Updated at 17:25,07-01-2021

Ban on entering forests enforced in Belarus

belsat.eu, Belapan

Belarus is still in great danger of forest fires

A ban on visiting forests was introduced due to the danger of fires in some areas.

This was announced by Forestry Administration Chief of the Ministry of Agriculture Mikalay Yurevich at a press conference in Minsk on July 6.

The ban will operate in 3 of the 16 districts of the Brest region (Pinsk, Hantsavichy, Ivatsevichy), in 18 of the 21 districts of the Homiel region (Brahin, Buda-Kashelyova, Homiel, Dobrush, Yelsk, Zhlobin, Kalinkavichy, Korma, Loyeu, Mazyr, Naraulyany, Aktyabr, Rechytsa, Rahachou, Svetlohorsk, Khoiniki, Petrykau and Chachersk), 4 of the 21 districts of the Mahiliou region (Klichau, Kirau, Kastyukovichy, and Asipovichy) and in one district of the Minsk region – Salihorsk.

According to Yurevich, as of July 6, in the forestry sector were registered 155 forest fires on an area of about 90 hectares. But the number of fires and the area they covered are significantly lower compared to the previous year.

The official said that since the beginning of the fire season in 2016, the State Forest Service held more than 1.5 thousand raids, more than 130 perpetrators were drawn to the administrative responsibility for violation of fire safety rules in forests.