Updated at 19:56,22-01-2021

Russians to decide whether to replace Belarusian NPP reactor


A contingency occurred during the installation of the reactor at Atsravets NPP, the Ministry of Energy admitted. It happened ‘when the reactor was being moved horizontally,’ the website of the Ministry reports.

A group of specialists is needed to prove whether the reactor was damaged, a high-ranking source close to the NPP construction told Euroradio. Most likely, nothing was damaged, he said. However, he would recommend replacing the reactor anyway.

The problem is that the final decision will be made by… Russians.

“Russians are building it – our organizations are performing subcontract works. The general contractor is Russia. Russians will make the final decision…”

Information about the incident at Astravets NPP appeared in mass media on the evening of July 25. It was reported that a 330-ton reactor had collapsed from the height of 2-4 metres on July 10. The area was encircled and guarded, journalists reported.