Updated at 14:52,24-02-2021

FBI experts working on Sheremet case left Ukraine


So far, the investigation has not discovered the identities of those who planted the bomb under the journalist’s car.

At the press conference, the National Police of Ukraine described the appearance of the two men who planted a bomb under the car of Pavel Sheremet but did not name them.

“At the moment the suspects’ identities have not been established,” “Interfax” quotes Andrei Shevchenko, procedural attorney of the Ukraine’s General Prosecutor office.

“The suspects are a man and a woman. The man has “Spanish beard,” no more than 175 cm tall, strong physique – probably a wrestler or former weightlifter. Woman is about 163-168 cm, had a particular gait and body, which also indicates the likely sports career in the past,” “Segodnya.ua” quoted the prosecutor.

Andriy Shevchenko added that representatives of the FBI who have joined the investigation have already left Ukraine. The prosecutor noted that the American officers were involved in the criminal investigation as specialists.

“They, together with our experts, who conduct expert studies, carried out an additional survey of the crime scene and the car itself, and because they have more advanced equipment, they have more experience in the investigation of explosions, they are now carrying out an expert study of the substance that was used in the explosive device,” said the prosecutor.

According to Shevchenko, the FBI worked in Ukraine for about a week.