Updated at 01:25,03-03-2021

Minsk teenagers help police detain bully armed with knife

belsat.eu, following interfax.by

Five teenagers were walking in one of Minsk residential areas when two men went out of a local shop and came closer to them. One of them, who was very drunk and aggressive, started to threaten bodily harm. Seeing that the boys were not responding to threats, he took out a knife and began to swing it.

The hooligan tried to stab one of them, but he managed to escape. The failure infuriated the man and he rushed at the boys. Two of them ran away, but the rest – Maxim, Yahor and Ales – met again and decided to trace the offender and his friend.

The youngsters reported the incident to the police. At the sight of law enforcement officers the offender tried to get rid of the knife, but the police managed to catch him in the act. A criminal case for hooliganism was opened against the man; the teenagers received commendations for their bravery.