Updated at 01:25,03-03-2021

No Belarusian schools in world top 500 universities


Belarusian universities have not made it yet.

This year’s so called Shanghai ranking does not include any Belarusian universitites.

Since 2003, when the Academic Ranking of World Universities, Belarusian schools has not been a part of it.

When compiling the Shanghai ranking, experts take into account the six objective indicators – number of graduates and teaching staff who received Nobel prizes and Fields Medal or the number of articles published in Nature and Science magazines.

Only three Russian and two Polish universities have made it to the current list of all our neighbors.

The Moscow State University is the highest in the ranking (87th place). Saint Petersburg State University was in fourth hundred, Novosibirsk – in the fifth. (By the way, in the Russian national ranking, these high schools are, respectively, first, second and third in line).

Warsaw and Jagiellonian University in Poland have shared the 1-2 place in the national rankings in recent years, but in the Shanghai rankings they can be found at the positions 301-400.

The Shanghai ranking is headed by the Harvard University.