Updated at 18:18,16-07-2018

European Commission visits Astravets NPP


European Commission visits Astravets NPP
The European Union wants to provide more technical assistance to the State Nuclear Control service, said deputy Director General for Energy of the European Commission Gerasimas Thomas, who was at the Astravets construction site.

“We already support the work of two experts helping the regulator, and we are ready to increase the tech support. Specific assistance depends on the needs of the regulator. If it needs technical assistance to carry out stress tests, we are ready to provide it,” he said.

In addition, experts from the European Commission delegation members, which arrived in Belarus on a two-day visit, explained to the local experts how to stress tests are carried out in the EU, as well as how they were set up in Switzerland, Armenia and Taiwan.

European Commissioner evaluated the Belarusian NPP risks and safety. NPP stress tests were first held after the accident at Japanese nuclear power plant Fukushima-1 in March 2011.