Updated at 18:18,16-07-2018

Busting stereotypes: Mahiliou resident squeezes money from wifes lover


A 36-year-old man created a social network account to blackmail a new secret admirer of his wife, Belarus Investigative Committee reports.

On the Internet the cuckold took an alias and informed the rival of being aware of his love affair with a married woman. He also promised to reveal the details to the adulterers husband if the unlucky lover failed to pay $500. Although the blackmailer got the amount, he acquired a taste for easy money and demanded another $500.

But the man apparently thought the price for sex to be too high and reported the situation to the police. When the husband was receiving another sum of money, law enforcement officers arrested him.

A case was opened against him under Art. 208-2 (extortion) of the Criminal Code of Belarus.