Updated at 18:18,16-07-2018

Naftan managers get 28 years in prison for bribery

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Naftan managers get 28 years in prison for bribery
The Vitsebsk regional court sentenced former deputy director general of Naftan to 12 years in prison.

In the dock were also the 51-year-old head of the Production and Technical unit (9 years in prison) and 38-year-old head of the assembly department (7 years in prison).

Top managers developed a corruption scheme, which worked on the principle of kickbacks paid for the equipment, which was purchased for the company Naftan. The contract was not signed with those who offered favorable terms and price, but with those who could share money with the authorities. The criminal scheme operated from 2011 to 2013. The amount of bribes in that time amounted to about 240,000.

In 2013, the corrupt officials planned to receive a bribe in the amount of 900,000, but failed, because they were detained by the Interior Ministry. Damage to the company amounted to about Br 46 billion. The defendants paid compensation for damage in the amount of Br 38 billion, belapan.by writes.