Updated at 16:23,20-06-2018

Start-up from Belarusian developers gets into top 10 most oddly awesome gadgets at CES 2017


Start-up from Belarusian developers gets into top 10 most oddly awesome gadgets at CES 2017
Photo: TUT.BY
A British startup with Belarusian roots Kino-Mo got into Top 10 most oddly awesome gadgets at CES 2017. The ranking was compiled by USA Today.

There were an estimated 20,000 new gadgets on display in Las Vegas. According to the American edition, some are the devices well fork over fistfuls cash for when they hit store shelves later this year. Others provide an exciting glimpse of wildly futuristic new concepts to come.

And then, theres the rest of it. Here are some of the oddest and awesom-est gadgets I went hands-on with this year, journalist Jennifer Jolly wrote.

She said Kino-mo had her hooked at first glance with its floating 3D holographic Pikachu.

This London-based company drew some of the biggest crowds in the Eureka Park startup area, and for good reason: The incredibly colorful and realistic looking displays of everything from fast food to famous entrepreneur Mark Cuban made us all believe that holograms are finally here!, USA Today report noted.

While not technically an actual hologram, Kino-mos 3D visuals float and move in mid-air just like the real thing, using a patented combination of high speed fans, magnets, LEDs and projectors. Theyre used in advertising for now.

London-based Kino-mo develops plug-andplay devices that project holograms in the air. In 2015 the start-up won Richard Bransons Pitch to Rich competition. The company has received a number of other British awards, worked with global brands from Samsung and Intel to Aston Martin and was awarded Top 3 British inventions of the year.

Last year Kino-mo founders, Belarusian developers Kiryl Chykeyuk and Artem Stavenka, announced signing an investment agreement with Mark Cuban, an American businessman and investor whose investment portfolio includes over 50 companies.