Updated at 17:39,28-11-2020

U.S. president Trump’s family may visit Belarus’ Navahradak


U.S. president Trump’s family may visit Belarus’ Navahradak
U.S. president Donald Trump will be given an invitation to visit Belarus. The Belarusian town of Navahradak (Novogrudok) is ready to welcome him and his family.

The staff of the local history museum conveyed an invitation and congratulations to Donald Trump, state-run TV channels report.

“It was not the first time I had written to Charles [Charles Kushner – Trump’s in-law], and he answered within just a few seconds: “I will extend [the greetings and invitation] to all members of our family. Charles is very well-disposed about Navahradak. Having a warm spot for their family history, their roots is very typical of the Jews,” Tamara Vyarshytskaya, the creator of the Museum of the Jewish Resistance in Navahradak, said.

Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka is married to Observer publisher Jared Kushner who is a grandson of a Jewish woman from Navahradak. Documents found in the country’s archives serve as a proof of his Belarusian origin.

“Ivanka and Jared planned to come to Belarus, and Charles Kushner promised to personally extend our invitation to the U.S. president,” she stressed.

The musem exhibition consisting of about 22,000 showpieces presents the history and culture of Navahradak region from its very beginning until the mid-20th- century.