Updated at 11:25,18-04-2018

New non-freeloaders actions in provinces Slonim and Baranavichy


New non-freeloaders actions in provinces  Slonim and Baranavichy
Non-freelodears actions in Slonim, Photo: Radio Liberty
Non-freeloaders actions are being held in the provinces. Several hundred people gathred in the centre of Slonim to protest against decree #3 and discuss the situation in the country at 3 p.m.

Head of the City Executive Committee Ales Tarhonski and district officials met the protesters in the square. The conversation was rather sharp. People planning to participate in the action were threatened at enterprises, the present said. They were afraid of losing their jobs. The head of the District Executive Committee asked everyone who would have problems at work to address him personally.

About 1.5 thousand people were supposed to pay the freeloaders tax in the region, the official said.

People were demanding jobs. Tarhonski said that he was ready to compromise. You wont get paid for doing nothing, money has to be made, he noted. In particular, he mentioned negotiations with Atsravets District as regards Slonimers placement at the NPP construction site.