Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

Depeche Mode may return to Minsk in February 2018

Illa Malinouski, Euroradio

Depeche Mode may return to Minsk in February 2018
Photo: www1.wdr.de
Depeche Mode released an update on their official website that all possible options are being considered to fit in their return to Minsk next winter.

“To the fans in Belarus -- We sincerely apologize for the delay in providing further information about whether or not we will be able to reschedule the Minsk show and return to Minsk in the winter. We have been working over the last week to look at all possible options to alter the tour schedule to fit in another visit to Minsk, and unfortunately we need a few more days to finish looking at these options.

We will provide further information later this week once we have an update. Until then, we appreciate your patience and understanding.
Thanks, DM”

Looking at their schedule, on 22 February Depeche Mode are expected to perform in Vilnius . They will have a three-day break before the next gig in Moscow. It cannot be ruled out that the band is negotiating a return to Minsk on 23-24 February 2018.

Depeche Mode cancelled a show at Minsk Arena on 17 July after frontman David Gahan suddenly fell ill due to stomach problems. The musician had to spend several hours in Minsk's Hospital No 9. After discharge from hospital, he joined the ban for the next concerts on the tour.

On 26 July, the organizers began returning money for the purchased tickets. Money is refunded at the selling points.