Updated at 18:21,18-06-2018

Lukashenkas sociologists: up to 1 million Belarusians ready to protest


The Information and Analytical Center under the Presidential Administration has published the results of the 2016 quarterly study of the socio-economic and political situation in the country.

Among other things, the work contains the results of the protest potential study of Belarusians.

The problems that Belarusians are most concerned with are the following:

Price growth (70%)
Decrease in income (40%)
Unemployment (40%)

People also also worried about corruption, alcoholism, housing and communal services, construction of the nuclear power plant, the situation with human rights, the threat of terrorist attacks.

Despite all the problems, state sociologists note that 71.5% of citizens consider the political situation in the country to be calm.

In total, the number of surveyed Belarusians, who are ready to participate in rallies and demonstrations, has reached 14% (this is more than 1 million people).

Among them are those who are:

Ready for strikes 7.5% (about 570 thousand people).

Ready to go on hunger strike 3% (about 230 thousand people).

Ready for armed resistance 2,5% of respondents (190 thousand Belarusians).

More results of opinion polls can be found here.

The data refers to 2016. The peak of street rallies happened at the beginning of 2017, when a number of the Non-Parasite marches swept across the country. Tens of thousands of people took to the streets of dozens of Belarusian cities with the demand to abolish unconstitutional levies of the authorities. Lukashenka, however, still refuses to cancel Decree No. 3.