Updated at 14:13,22-06-2018

Lukashenka says he solved murder case

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Lukashenka says he solved murder case
Alyaksandr Lukashenka and Andrei Shved. Photo: belta.by
He stated this on February 1, during a conversation with the head of the State Committee of Forensic Expertise, Andrei Shved.

Today the KGB sent me a report about a criminal case. It was investigated several years ago. And I personally had to make a decision in order to go back to the criminal case. It was in the Mahiliou region. Ordinary people turned to me for help the father of a murdered daughter. He came and said: Alyaksandr Ryhoravich, the court decision and the way the investigation was conducted are unfair. There are many such appeals, said Lukashenka.

Lukashenka independently studied the case within 24 hours.

I asked him to send me all the materials he had on hand. He did that. I sat down and studied it myself for a day. And he gave the order to the prosecutor and the chairman of the KGB to investigate this case whatever it takes. The man was found in Russia, brought to Minsk, the criminal case was reopened and further investigated. I controlled the whole process. And it turned out that he was indeed the murderer. And he was acquitted at the time. Now we we will find those who conducted the investigation in the first place and who delivered the acquittal. And we will find the prosecuting side. And we will hold them responsible. He confessed, he showed how and where he killed, the head of state added.