Updated at 22:06,23-05-2018

Belarus gives green light to The Death of Stalin's film screening


Belarus gives green light to The Death of Stalin's film screening
A screen from the film
The Ministry of Culture has allowed cinemas in Belarus to screen The Death of Stalin, a 2017 British-French political satire film directed by Armando Iannucci. The movie will not even have to go through a commission of experts before the premier, Culture Ministry's spokesperson Ilona Nemava told Euroradio.

"The Ministry of Culture does not object to the screening of The Death of Stalin in the country's cinemas. Our experts found no violations of law in this film," she said.

The age restriction for the film is yet to be known because the copyright owner has not applied for the film classification.

"I reckon it will be most likely marked as 18+ just like in the other countries," Aliaksandr Rydvan, head of cinematography department at the Culture Ministry told Euroradio.

When asked to evaluate the film, he refused to comment. He said: "It would not be right for me ethically and professionally to share my evaluation. I will not advertise it. I will not tell you whether I liked it or not, because it may sound as if I am promoting it."

The film will be premiered on 8 February in the Silver Screen cinemas in the Galileo and Dana Mall shopping centers in Minsk. Tickets are sold in the 18+ category.

The premier was initially to take place on 25 January in the private cinema Falcon club following the frenzy in neighboring Russia where the film was eventually banned as 'degrading the Soviet and Russian historic figures.'