Updated at 20:11,29-10-2020

Belarusian Mobile Operators Launch Summer 2018 Tariffs For Tourists


Summer is here and it means that Belarus is preparing to welcome crowds of tourists. Local mobile operators launched special tariffs to let guests of our country feel at home.

Call and use internet as a local.

Traveling internationally with your phone can be a challenge.

For those without a good roaming plan, the choice is often to seek Wi-Fi only.

Although this year it became even more simple to connect to one of 115 Wi-Fi hotspots in Minsk, it’s always better to have internet on hand.

This summer MTS launched Bezlimitishche or Unlimited Flatrate tariff plane, so you don’t deny oneself nothing.

Belarusian Mobile Operators Launch Summer 2018 Tariffs For Tourists

• Unlimited Internet,
• 400 minutes to all networks monthly,
• 50 MB in the modem mode daily,
• Flatrate to all networks on 5 numbers with the 5 favourite numbers in all networks service,
• Application of the modem mode in excess of the traffic included – 0.50** rubles per day,
• Calls within the network in excess of the package of minutes provided,
• Monthly fee 16.37BYN.

A detailed tariff description can be found here.

Another tariff plan called Tourist of Velcom offers an affordable way to stay connected for up to 10 days.

Belarusian Mobile Operators Launch Summer 2018 Tariffs For Tourists

What does it provide? 2 GB of the internet and 100 minutes to all the networks in Belarus that can be spent within 10 days.

SIM-card with all-inclusive system costs 15BYN, including 9.90 BYN for its activation. The remaining 5,10 rubles can be used at will.

More information is available at velcom’s sales and service centers or you can call 411 to contact Help Desk 411.

Velcom consultants are also available on Facebook.

Belarusian mobile provider Life doesn’t have specific tariffs for tourists but still have a variety of plans you may wan’t to compare and choose for yourself.