Updated at 20:51,24-11-2020

Mosque named after Kadyrov may appear in Brest


Mosque named after Kadyrov may appear in Brest
Money for the construction of the mosque can be allocated by the leadership of the Chechen Republic, said Mufti of Belarus Abu-Bekir Shabanovich in an interview with the TV channel “Chechnya Segodnya”.

Mufti visited Chechnya and met with Ramzan Kadyrov’s adviser on Muslim affairs, Salah Hajji Mezhiyev.

“We are having such negotiations between the administrations of our presidents that Brest is a big, I would say, very significant regional center of our republic, which borders on the Republic of Poland. And, unfortunately, we, the young spiritual administration of Muslims of the republic, do not have the opportunity to build such a significant facility. At least with the number of believers under 200 people. That’s why we ask for such help in this direction,” Shabanovich said.

According to him, the mosque is necessary because it is in Brest where a lot of Chechen Muslims who have left their homeland live. According to the Mufti, the religious institution should be named after Razman Kadyrov or his father Akhmat.

“And we are ready to dedicate such a facility to our brothers, heroes of Russia, either Akhmat or Ramzan Kadyrov. They deserve it. It needs to not only keep such a memory, but also to set an example for the citizens of our republic,” he explained his intention.

In addition, Shabanovich asked the Chechen authorities for help in building a memorial complex on the site of old Muslim cemeteries in Minsk.

Ramazan Kadyrov visited Minsk both in 2017 and this year in June. During his last visit, Lukashenka awarded the head of Chechnya with the Order of Friendship of Peoples.

During the first Chechen campaign, Kadyrov fought against the federal troops, but in 1999 he took the side of Russia. The international community accuses him of numerous kidnappings and murders both in Chechnya and abroad.