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“Our Duty Is To Preserve Our Country.” Lukashenko Awards Minsk Riot Police


“Our Duty Is To Preserve Our Country.” Lukashenko Awards Minsk Riot Police
“Riots, blitzkrieg or colour revolutions did not work in Belarus,” said Alexander Lukashenko during his visit of the special police force to the Minsk city police department, that is Minsk OMON or riot police, on Wednesday, 30 December.

Below are the highlights of Lukashenko’s speech, the names of those whom he awarded and what he received in return.


1. “I want you to understand my position. It is unchanging: our duty to present and future generations is to preserve the country. And we will do it, no matter what it takes. Let’s preserve it for all of us, our children and grandchildren. This is the main task for me and you. A historical mission, if you will. I tell you openly and honestly and I want them [the opposition – Ed.] to hear it: if people in uniform had not done their work, if on those August days they had wavered, we would have lived in a different country today. And it is a big question whether we would still be alive and whether the country would exist. They say that the big is seen at a distance. A little more time will pass and those who do not understand and oppose us on the clean Minsk streets will realize what you have done this year.”
2. “There is a continuous buildup of military presence near our western and northern borders. Poland and the Baltic states have become a training ground for regular drills and NATO troops training. We are not just threatened with new economic sanctions. They have waged a true information war against us, political provocations are constantly being arranged.”
“Foreign puppeteers and their henchmen-collaborators, who have failed to show their political significance in any other way played a major role in street riots. We have already seen the likes of them in German documentaries, enthusiastically marching with white-red-white flags and Fuhrer’s portraits.”
3. “Riots, blitzkrieg or colour revolutions did not work. Therefore, the failed ‘zmagary’ [freedom fighters in Belarusian – Ed.] sitting in their warm foreign offices, continue to invent new intrigues against our state, as they say, ‘’for the benefit of the Belarusian people’. Those benefits are not visible though. These ‘figures’ have their own specific understanding of politics.”
4. “Instead of seeking a constructive alternative, an honest and open competition people’s sympathy, they call for street riots. Instead of meaningful dialogue on how to overcome the existing problems, they try to question the legitimacy of state institutions. They actively call to destroy the property of those who disagree with them, to deal with their children, wives and loved ones. At the same time, they call themselves patriots, although they openly seek to ruin the economy, eliminate the existing constitutional system and destroy the country.”
5. “The head of state has all the powers and means to prevent fratricidal clashes. You also play an important role here.”
6/“Amidst increasing real and potential challenges and threats to the national security of the Republic of Belarus, we will secure our independence, defend the constitutional system, the future of our country and people. At the same time, every employee and serviceman, a person in uniform should know that the law is on our side and that you are protected by the state. People believe in you and know that you will always come to the rescue and ensure a calm and peaceful life for our citizens, protect the country from external and internal threats.”
7. “The economic situation today is not easy, but we manage to timely provide you with the most modern equipment and weapons, retain core personnel, and increase the prestige of the service.”
8. “We are entering the upcoming 2021 in a challenging environment. However, I am convinced that together we will cope with all the problems, as it has happened many times before.”


During the ceremony, Alexander Lukashenko presented state awards to law enforcement – representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Defense, the KGB, the State Border Committee, and the Presidential Security Service.

Photo: president.gov.by

Among the awardees are Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs – Head of the Criminal Police Gennady Kazakevich, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs – Commander of Internal Troops Nikolai Karpenkov, commander of the special rapid response unit of the internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Alexander Bykov, commander of the Minsk riot police Dmitry Balaba, the commander of the riot police of the Grodno regional police department Viktor Kravtsevich, the commander of the riot police of the Brest regional police department Maxim Mikhovich.

In response, the commander of the capital’s OMON, Dmitry Balaba, presented Alexander Lukashenko with a black beret in recognition of his “special merits.” “You were with us in combat ranks, and now you are a full-fledged riot police officer,” said Balaba.