Updated at 14:52,24-02-2021

Karpenkau's voice on controversial tape confirmed by examination


Karpenkau's voice on controversial tape confirmed by examination
Mikalai Karpenkau (right) / sb.by​
According to the examination, it was the current Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Mikalai Karpenkau who spoke about the camps for the Belarusian protesters. The Interior Ministry and Foreign Ministry argued that the scandalous audio recording was a fake.

TUT.by ordered an independent expert examination, which was performed by the Russian bureau GlavEkspert. It was concluded that the voice on the tape belonged to Karpenkau. The recording showed no signs of editing.

The audio recording was released on January 15 by BYPOL. On the tape the police officers were heard giving instructions to use weapons against the protesters, the plans to create "camps for sharp-footed" were voiced, as well as the details of the murder of Alyaksandr Taraikouski.

The human rights activists from BHC applied to the Investigative Committee and the General Prosecutor's Office of Belarus with the request to give legal evaluation of the statements.