Updated at 18:18,16-07-2018

Charhinets Set to Seek Rammstein Gig Ban


The writer is set to try to talk the culture minister into banning the concert of the German band in Minsk.

Mikalai Charhinets who heads the pro-governmental Union of Writers and chairs a public commission on morality issues, is trying to line up a meeting with Belarus' culture minister Pavel Latushka in order to seek a ban for the concert of the German band Rammstein in Minsk. The European Radio for Belarus reached Charhinets over the phone when he was waiting in the minister's reception. The writer said he would wait for the minister as long as needed in order to reason his move. He says he has brought some photos of the band to back his request for a ban.

In the view of the writer, Rammstain's gig can spark violence in Minsk. The concert is scheduled to take place at Minsk Arena on March 7.