Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

Belarus Top Temperatures Ranged from 19.2 to 38.8 Degrees Celsius on Monday


Daily maximum temperatures ranged from 19.2 to 38.8 degrees Celsius in Belarus on August 9.
The difference was almost 20 degrees.

Navahrudak in western Belarus had the coolest weather, with its temperature not exceeding 19.2 degrees Celsius, according to the meteinfo.by weather information site.

The hottest temperature was recorded in Kastsyukovichy in the Homyel region. The temperature was only 0.1 degrees below the all-time Belarusian record of 38.9 degrees Celsius recorded in Homyel on August 8.
Heavy rains lashed some parts of the country on Monday, with Slutsk in the Minsk region receiving 22 millimeters, or 29 percent of its average rainfall for August.

In Minsk, the maximum temperature was 24.6 degrees Celsius. The capital city received four millimeters of rain.