Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

Academician: Belarusians are Killed by the Local Radiation and Not by Ash Cloud from Russia

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Due to pandemic forest fires in Russia the Mass Media alert: the fire spread over the woodlands, which are radioactively contaminated after the Accident of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.

Russian ecologists think that the radioactive ash with the strong wind could reach not only the Moscow, but also the Eastern European countries, including Belarus. However, as to the professor, corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus Ivan Nikitchenko, it is highly improbable that the radioactive cloud will appear in Belarus. He recommends alerting more because of the radiation, which affects Belarusians every day.

As the "Rosleszashita" (The Russian centre on the forest protection) reported on the 6th of August, alone in the Bryansk region closed to the Belarusian border were recorded 28 fire cases covering an area of 269 hectares on the radioactively contaminated lands, including fires on the south-western part of region 12 cases on the 9 hectares. However, the radioactive situation in Bryansk region and the neibourhood regions is up to norm, as to Vladislav Bolov - head of the centre "Antistihia" (eng. Antirudiments) by The Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters.

— The Lab of the centre "Leader" by the Emergencies Ministry of the Russian Federation has monitored the situation in the areas contaminated after Chernobyl blast and affected by fire the whole previous week and the beginning of this week. No changes and no radiation in the dust and smoke in Bryansk, Orlov, Kaluga and Tula regions were not registered, – he underlined.

Besides, the network of the observation stations of Federal service on hydrometeorology is permanent working in the Bryansk region and controlling the situation. These laboratories also have not recorded any divergency, as informed the Emergencies Ministry of the Russian Federation.

On the question of the newsportal should the Belarusians alert the radioactive ash from Russian forest burnings, the academician Ivan Nikitchenko answered, if the amount radionuclides will arise, but "this rise will be not high in comparison with we have already".

— Radiation went into the land, into the tree stems, the fires do not reach it, - explained the professor. - Leaves burn, they have normally not so much radiation, but the steams usually do not burn, just become charring.

Ivan Nikitchenko stated, that the damage from already existing radiation in Belarus is "enough", and protected should be everybody, independent from the place of living.

— Radiation is everywhere. We spread it ourselves, transported it and do not want to acknowledge that. There is no harmless radiation, that is why we have to protest, – says the academician. — Radiation will kill the Belarusians. We already lost 857 thousands of people and the 60% of died did not reach the pension age. Till the New Year maybe we will lose already 900 thousands, and up to 2015 about million could die. Radiation is the main reason of all diseases. It destroys the immunity and person become defenseless towards all hostilities. That is the reason why the lifetime of Belarusian citizens is reducting.

Ivan Nikitchenko recommends several simple rules to protect oneself against the radiation influence. First of all, deoxidate the ground on the dacha by using calx or dolomite. It is necessarily to rethink our diet: to drink cacao twice a day, especially for children and also regularly have in the nutrition pectin or pectic substances. Once in three months is necessarily to take "Immunal" to support the immunity. Besides it is very important to know exact level of radiation in the products.

— We have to insist that the laboratories on the markets give information how many radiation has certain product. Even if the products are controlled on the radiation level, we do not get information on how many Becquerels on one kilogram they content. We are informed that products are normatively clean. But what does it mean normatively clean? It is guaranteed chronic dose of radiation which we take up. Radiation permanent lands in our organism and destroyed it, — stated the academic and recommended to control what we eat.