Updated at 22:06,23-05-2018

The Ukrainian Undermines the Belarusian Border Every Half a Year

news portal www.UDF.BY

Day before in the evening the Brest border guards arrested the Ukrainian citizen 350 meters closed to the border. The man has undermined to go to the Poland inconspicuously.

He has no documents, but his identity was recorded immediately: it was not the first his attempt. Since 4 years every half a year the sixty years old Ukrainian have been tested the Belarusian border for resistance, informed the press-service of the state border control committee of Belarus.

Specific doctor’s certificate helps him to avoid penalty and the non-entry list. And now, even the detainee was recorded as infiltrator, instead going to the isolator he was sent to the medical institution. He will stay under the doctor’s control till that time, when the border authorities will transfer him to the Ukrainian colleagues.

However the Brest border guards are sure, that already in half a year the frontier intruder will again appear with his spade.