Updated at 11:59,19-05-2018

Several more criminal cases started against investigator Baikova


It is not excluded that the General Public Prosecutor's Office investigator will be imprisoned again, writes "Narodnaya Volya".

At the moment Sviatlana Baikova is getting acquainted with the criminal case materials under 24 hours observation of the KGB. The preliminary investigation of her case is over.

Baikova's lawyer has directed an appeal to the name of the General Public Prosecutor in the recent days, asking to prolong the one-month term of studying the case materials. There are many volumes in the case, some materials are marked as "secret" so they cannot be copied.

Baikova's term of home arrest expires on October 24. It is most likely to be prolonged. The lawyer asks to soften the pre-trial measures. According to Baikova's family, she is not even allowed to walk so she hasn't left the house for once for two months. She is not allowed to answer the phone or to receive guests either. Moreover, two KGB officers spend 24 hours a day in her apartment.