Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

Two Pinsk Wood victims still in serious condition


Two Pinskers are still in a serious but stable condition in Brest Hospital. One of them can breathe on his own now. Both patients are still in intensive care.

On the whole, there are three people injured in the "Pinsk Wood" explosion in this hospital. The third one is in the general department. He may be transferred to the rehabilitation centre in three weeks. The deputy chief physician of Brest Hospital Tadeush Herasimchyk has informed ERB about it:

Herasimchyk: "One of them is in the trauma centre and two are in intensive care. The first patient will have to spend three more weeks in the trauma center due to a fracture".

Two more "Pinsk Wood" victims are still in the burn center of Minsk Emergency Hospital.