Updated at 15:27,23-09-2020

Vasilevich refuses to deal with request to transfer Nyaklyaeu to hospital


The General public prosecutor's office refused to consider the request of the Belarusian writers to transfer the ex-presidential candidate Uladzimir Nyaklyaeu to the hospital.

Ales Razanau, Vasil Zujonak, Valiantsin Akudovich, Sviatlana Aleksievich, Uladzimir Arlou and other famous Belarusian literators have addressed with such a request to the General Public Prosecutor Ryhor Vasilevich back on December 30. They motivated their request to transfer the poet from the KGB prison to hospital by deterioration of Nyaklyaeu's health condition.

The head of the General public prosecutor's office' administration on supervision of the procedural activity of internal affairs bodies Y.Siniak informed in his response, that the request had been transferred to the Public Prosecutor Mikalaj Kulik for consideration, reports "Belarusian Partisan".