Updated at 18:18,16-07-2018

Viktor Ivashkevich: The situation can be reversed

BelaPAN, translation by news portal www.UDF.BY

In Minsk on July 8, three month before the National Assembly action, representatives of the organizing committee met with journalists to announce the start of the campaign.

The Organizing Committee of National Assembly was created in May. The action is planned to be run on October 8 in the capital, in all regional cities and in 48 district centers. At the National Assembly the programs of how to come out of the economical and political crisis will be discussed.

At the news conference Viktor Ivashkevich the co-chairman of the Organizing Committee also estimated the last tacit protest action. According to politician "a few thousand people on the streets of Belarus cannot change the situation counteracting to tens thousands of trained executioners". Another thing, if protesters will be 10-20 times more. That’s how it was happening, according to Ivashkevich, on Juy 6 in Brest, Novopolotsk and Pinsk, "when the police was less than protesters, then attempts to detain somebody were stopped by the people, because there was no massive grabbing".

People unite together inside the regions in spite of the authorities’ pressure, said Evgeny Konstantinov from Novopolotsk. Konstantinov himself was recently fired from his job. "They disturb the work, but you need to work," – said the regional activist.