Updated at 17:39,28-11-2020

The Pregnant Woman Detained by “Those On The Sly“ Has Lost Her Baby?

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Young pregnant woman was brutally detained during the "tacit action" on Independence Day at Privokzalnaya Square in Minsk.

As human rights advocate Anastasia Loiko reported on the air of Euroradio, the woman, as it seems, has lost her baby after she was released from the police station.

At the time of the release she didn’t complaint of her health, but the misfortune has happened a little bit later. If it can be proven that the misbirth was the result of brutal detention, the police will face the criminal liability for causing grievous bodily injury.

A message posted by Svieta Kurs on her Facebook page throws some light on the incident:

"I am Rahovsky Oleg Nikolaevich. Condemned by the false charge of officers of Department of the Interior Affairs, that allegedly I used foul language on Privokzalnaya Square on 03.07.2011 under Article 17.1 of the Administrative Code. And served a sentence in prison of the Main Administration of the Interior Affairs in Minsk on Okrestina 1, 36, cell 14. Was beaten and detained by the bastards in civilian clothes during the gas attack on Privokzalnaya Square. Served the so-called punishment in the same cell with Valery Alexeivich Shukin in the same cell (that what I am proud of). Until now my companions in the fight with the regime Solodky Yuri (started a hunger strike), A. Tarabanda, D. Tatarenko and many others are languishing there. During detention there were a lot of women thrown in a paddy wagon. We’ve got a young pregnant woman. We begged freaks in uniforms without insignia, with the title "militia" to release the pregnant woman…, we’ve got refusal in a rude, vulgar and mocking form… yesterday, after the liberation, I found out that the woman lost her long-awaited child".

According to charted97.org the name of the girl is Ekaterina Radzivilko. Now she refuses to talk to reporters. We also know that her husband is serving the ten-days arrest for taking part in 3rd of July action.

In the interview after she was detained, Ekaterina told to Belsat TV channel what she saw on Privokzalnaya Square.

By the way, human rights advocate Anastasia Loiko doubts whether those police officers will be punished for this atrocity. She recalls the case with Maya Abromchik whose leg was shattered by Special Forces on December 19. A criminal case under this fact has been finally suspended, as allegedly they could not find the culprit.