Updated at 14:52,24-02-2021

Participants of the 'silent action' are sentenced to 10-15 days

Cases of detainees in the "silent wednesday" on July 20, tried today by the courts of Leninsky and Centralny districts of Minsk, and also by the court of Minsky region and Zaslavl, as the human rights center "Viasna" reports.

On four people, detained yesterday in Zaslavl, the reports were drawn up under Article 23.4 of Administrative Code for for disobeying police officers. Ivan Ivonchik, Andrew Klyukin, Yuri Pavlov, and another friend of them are tried in the court of Minsky region and Zaslavl.

In the court of Leninsky district are considered the administrative cases of more than 10 young people who were detained after the action at a concert in club "6A". They being tried for hooliganism (Article 17.1 of the Administrative Code). Among them - Danila Teplyakov-Shugaley, Eugene Tarasevich, Sergey Balovin, Cyril Kozich, Yuri Rybenets - 10 days (Judge Zapasnik), Nikita Peregud - 25 basic units.

The court of Centralny District considers the administrative cases of the detained yesterday during the action, they were delivered to the central police station of the capital. So far 13 people have been brought to the courts. Witnesses claim that the defendants prevented the passage of people on the street.

All are charged under Article 23.34 of the Administrative Code (the breach of order of organizing mass actions and picketing):

Olga Bondarenko - 10 days (Judge Svistunova)
Likhovid Elena - 10 days (Judge Voytyuhovich)
Shapovalov Pavel - 12 days (Judge Shaiko)
Ivanyuk Eugene - 12 days (Judge Shaiko)
Belhus Darya - 10 days (Judge Victor Shabunya)
Aniskevich Sergey - 10 days (Judge Victor Shabunya)
Buyanov Dmitry (Judge Voytyuhovich)
Komar D.L. (Judge Bychko)
Khinevich Sergey - 10 days (Judge Valery Esman)
Khinevich Olga (Judge Voytyuhovich)
Khinevich Vladimir - 10 days (Judge Valery Esman)
Klimovich Alexander - 11 days (Judge Valery Esman)
Russkaya Olga - 11 days (Judge Svistunova).