Updated at 18:18,16-07-2018

Police will be able to imprison the opposition for 'a day' out of court?

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Minor administrative cases related to hooliganism or drinking alcohol in public places may be forwarded to the heads of territorial Divisions of Internal Affairs.

The fact that the Supreme Court of Belarus is preparing the relevant proposals, said today during online conference on BELTA web-site the Chief of the Supreme Court Valentin Sukalo.

According to him, this practice will allow to reduce the load on the courts of approximately 250 thousand administrative cases from 400 thousand.

At the moment, the heads of police territorial divisions can only impose fines for administrative cases.

-In those cases, when they suppose, that in order to sentence one or the other offender administrative arrest is needed, then the material should be sent to a court. Only a court can impose an administrative arrest, - said the chairman of the Supreme Court.

It should be noticed, that on the members of the opposition they usually draw up reports for a small disorderly conduct. Thus, the police will be able to arrest activists for somewhat of 10 days, not bothering even an imitation of the trial.