Updated at 18:18,16-07-2018

Police is supposed to be added in the EU entry ban list

news portal www.UDF.BY

The situation of Ales Bialiatski's arrest and transfer of financial information to Belarusian government about the activities of human rights center Viasna requires a review of international cooperation principles with the Belarusian regime and change in EU policy.

It is said in the statement of the head of civil campaign Nash Dom (Our House) Olga Karach, addressed to Lithuanian government and the EU.

The statement contains five proposals, one of which calls for "expanding the list of restricted to travel abroad in Lithuania and the European Union at the expense of Belarusian policemen involved in the threats of sexual violence and beatings of women human rights defenders, journalists and politicians", informs the compaign Nash Dom website .

"If the Belarusian human rights defenders who are being repressed and are under KGB pressure do not "have sufficient cause" to get even a one-off short-term tourist visas, then why do these causes have Belarusian policemen, who beat up and jeer at women journalists and female human rights activists?" - Olga Karach asks the question.