Updated at 16:23,20-06-2018

Dianov: We want to act here and now


The movement Revolution through Social Network (RTSN) in its group on vkontakte.ru announced that the August political hibernation is over, and "hot autumn 2011" lies ahead.

The first protest action of the fall season will be held on Wednesday, September 21 . On this day, from 19:00 to 20:00 the central avenues of major Belarusian cities should be replenished with "peacefully walking people who have not committed any illegal acts".

UDF.BY correspondent spoke with the project coordinator Vyacheslav Dianov and found out all the details.

-When and in what format the first autumn protests organized by RTSN will take place?

- The first actions will be held on Wednesday, September 21. Concerning the format: to be selected an area on the main cities' avenues or streets, where protesters will be concentrated. Thus, at this time not a particular square was chosen, but the area on the main street.

- Why exactly this plan?

- The proposal for this tactics has been announced quite a long time ago, already 1.5 month ago. We were watching where the actions were held before, where for the police is the most difficult to distinguish the participants from passers-by. The conclusion is that the most difficult to detain people was exactly on the street, on sidewalks.

-Do you still insist on that the actions have to be "silent", and all who come with symbols and shout slogans are the provocateurs?

-In this case, we do not forbid to speak slogans, as it was before. But the person, who is shouting something must be ready, that one can be detained, and also one must be prepared to actively protect themselves and the people around from the bandits in civilian clothes.

- In your group on vkontakte.ru is written, that the actions are renewing "due to the absence of other proposals and events". And what about the People's Assembly, which the opposition is planning to hold in the Friendship of Peoples Park on October 8? Don't you support this initiative?

- We wrote, that there are no initiatives now, at present moment. Time passes, but nobody does anything, all are waiting for something. We want to act here and now.

- RTSS is certainly supports the initiative of the People's Assembly. We have already prepared video clips which advertise the People's Assembly and agitate the people to go there. Also there are various pictures and images calling to support the People's Assembly. The explanatory work will be conducted via our communication channels.

- Do you expect that at the action on September 21 will come people who mainly ignored them in summer: pensioners, government employees?

- I believe that the actions must be conducted. Now the situation is heating up. And no one, no analyst, no expert can not predict how many and what kind of people will come out. No one can predict when this spark will light up, when people start to come out every day, without any organizers.

The people's patience are still there, but Lukashenko has already gone all possible limits, and sooner or later everything will collapse. In order the catalyst for national protest and disagreement to exist, we must conduct the actions. If they are not there, then people won't have the ignition and spark.