Updated at 00:16,23-05-2018

A plant in Svetlogorsk has been striking already for a week

The second shop of the Precast Concrete Plant 11 in Svetlogorsk has been striking for a last week. Workers demand to provide enterprise with work and higher wages. Sergey Dayneko the worker of the plant told Belarusian Partisan about it.

The Precast Concrete Plant 11 is a branch of the Svetlogorsk House-Building Plant. It employs about 380 people. But as the crisis began, all the cement went to Russia, and the situation with housing in Belarus has deteriorated dramatically.

Since summer the plant has constantly underwent problems with a cement supply. In August, for example, some shops were not working the whole working week. Naturally, workers received less of their salary. Now, the average earnings of workers in the enterprise is in the range of 600-700 thousand.

Because of disruptions in supply of cement the problems with salaries have started. People were sent on unpaid leave. On September 12 from 7 am to 10 am didn't work a concrete-mixing unit. People went on strike. The manager and economist of the plant came to them, whom the workers presented oral requirements: to provide with work and to raise salaries. On September 15 the shop of framed panel house-building went on strike. At that time the workers put forward the same demands, but already in writing.

The director of the enterprise could not find the 'best' choice but to declare September 16 the day off - without pay. We add that usually salary for the last month was paid at the factory until the 12th of current month, but in September as of September 15, workers haven't received salaries for August yet. However, the enterprise's administration promised to give a salary until the end of the week, that is the day of the city - in Svetlogorsk this holiday will be held on Saturday.