Updated at 22:06,23-05-2018

People fight for the 'vegetable' money

The beginning of promised by Lukashenko payments of 500 thousand rubles to buy vegetables caused a big stir.

"There were no Belarusian rubles in our post office today", said a reader from Minsk to Nasha Niva. This happened in one of the post offices in South-West district.

The head of post office didn't immediately pick up the phone. She was very emotional in the conversation. According to her, today is the first day of giving allowances 'for vegetables', the famous 500 thousand rubles. This has caused extraordinary excitement - the post office is crowded.

"People come for the money, as from a war with flags! Everyone wants to get in the first day. But granting the money according to Lukashenko's decree will take a month. And maybe more. After all, no one told us a specific date," says the head of the post.

Her explanation implies that this influx of people was unexpected.

"We've got to grant 100 million - for an hour they have gone. I explained to people that we will grant for one month, that it is unrealistic to service everybody at once. But there are the full hall of them, arguing, fighting for money".

The woman explained that her office has taken appropriate measures, she informed her leadership and now expects the additional 100 million rubles. "I keep a small reserve for those who can not wait longer anymore, for someone who urgently needs money," says the head of the post.

We remind, that on September 15 Alexander Lukashenko has signed Decree № 417 "About lumpsum financial assistance". The decree provides one-time financial assistance of 500 thousand rubles to persons who on September 1, 2011 were employees of public sector, including civil servants and military personnel, recipients of benefits (for child care, a disabled child and a disabled group I) and not employed recipients of pensions.