Updated at 18:18,16-07-2018

HR defenders: Only EU's principle position may help to release Byalyatski


An American human rights defender advised to address to movie and rock stars in order more people knew about the situation.

Action in support of Ales Byalyatski - the leader of the human rights center Viasna - took place on September 27 in Warsaw. Polish capital was not an accidental choice - an annual OSCE conference on human rights is taking place there at the moment. About a thousand representatives of governments and civil society activists from 56 countries - OSCE members arrrived to the conference.

The organizers of the action hope that a picket conducted during such an important conference will draw more attention to the situation with human rights in Belarus and to Ales Byalyatski's destiny in particular, says Byalyatski's ally Valyantsin Stefanovich.

Valyantsin Stefanovich: "It is important for us to keep Belarus in focus of international organizations. The only thing we can hope for is the reaction from the side of the international organizations and the EU. As there are no legal mechanisms inside Belarus which we could use to defend all political prisoners, not just Ales Byalyatski. There are also no hopes for some independent court".