Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

Lukashenka: woman as a president doesn't really look


Alexander Lukashenko wouldn't give a woman the president seat. He made the scandalous statement at a press conference with Russian media on October 7.

The president said he treats woman "much better and higher than a man".

- We have more than 30% of women in the government. We did it purposefully, under my cruel pressure. I trust women more than men, - said Alexander Lukashenka, adding that a woman is in addition"the most beautiful creation of nature", and "as a man" he worships a woman.

But the presidency, Lukashenko says, is "not for women".

- Firstly, it is a serious thing. Secondly, I and the Russian president have a commander in chief powers. How a woman in a skirt comes in front of troops at army training. Though even now, women also wear trousers, but that is not a thing. This is not a woman thing, - said Alexander Lukashenka.

He noted that in the EU "a woman, probably, can carry out president functions, although, a woman as a president doesn't really look".

- But out there, they carry out mostly representational functions. We vice versa. We have to work hard, run, walk widely to avoid tearing pants. You see, we are Slavs, do not really take a woman as a president, - said the Belarusian president.

- You don't need to get into this presidency, it's a trouble, it's a grief. God forbid, - he concluded.