Updated at 22:06,23-05-2018

Oppositionist was taken to the police department together with a six-year-old daughter


On October 14 the oppositionist Konstantin Zhukovsky was taken for interrogation at the Central Police Department of Homel. They took him to the police together with a six-year-old daughter.

Around 11:00 activist went outside from his private house to hand over documents to a friend. Near gates of the house was a car with a staff of the security department who were with guns. They proposed Zhukovsky to drive to the police department for investigation, he declined, explaining that his sick daughter is in the house, and he could not leave her. The policemen said that in case of refusal to freely go to the car they have to insist on their own. As a result, Zhukovsky went with her ​​daughter in the Central Police Department, where he is now being questioned about the incident, which occurred in a courthouse on October 11.

On that day, the activist was detained by police in a courthouse and handcuffed to a radiator. He came to support his friend Valery Slepukhin, who was tried for the organization of the People's Assembly in Gomel. The judge Ilya Sviridov announced a break in Slepukhin's case, but he didn't name the resumption of the trial. Zhukovsky didn't find the judge and his secretary in their offices, so he came to the chairman of the court Tatiana Odribets. According to Zhukovsky she said that the trial would resume at 15 00.

"But I went into a hall and noticed that the judge Sviridov at a lunch time, when all associates supporting Slepuhin had gone away, was going to resume the process. I went back to Odribets and said: Are you the chairman of the court or a little girl who knows nothing, why do you lie to me? Then Odribets called policemen who guarded the court", said Zhukovsky.

Policemen dragged Zhukovsky to radiators and fastened his handcuffs to a tube. When asked, why was Zhukovsky detained, the policemen said it was ordered by officials, and pointed to the Zheleznodrozgny Police Department officer Alexander Koshman. One of the policemen said the activist was arrested for contempt of court.

Earlier, the oppositionist served an arrest in the detention center, where it was found out that he had a broken leg. It is assumed that his leg was hurt by special forces troops during detention.