Updated at 16:11,16-01-2019

Ivashkevich: People's Assemblies to be continued


Organizers call to continue the campaign of People's Assemblies and to hold them, where it is more convenient and safe for people - in courtyards or in premises. Viktar Ivashkevich, the co-chair of the People's Assembly organizing committee told UDF.BY website.

"And thus from house to house, yard to yard, we will expand the network to support claims that were submitted in October, and to hold meetings until a large number of organized people will appear, who then can decide to carry out some mass protests", Viktar Ivashkevich said.

According to him, People's Assemblies is "not a form of protest, not a form of struggle, but a form of people's self-organization to hold a protest, to fight for their rights." In this respect, to wait from them a decision on the issue of power in the country is naive, Ivashkevich believes.

The politician convinced, in the country "there is a large group of people who are displeased with the authorities actions - this is obvious. It is also clear, that people are left alone with their problems, they face every day".

He says, that people don't see others dissatisfied next to them, often thinking "if everybody come, then I'll go too." "That's why we continue to hold these assemblies, so the feeling we are all together, will finally appear among them. And then we can really organize mass actions, which can change the situation in Belarus", Ivashkevich concluded.