Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

Belarusian Universities Raise Tuition Fees by 20-25%


A number of Belarusian universities once again raise tuition fees by an average of 20-25%. Some of them raised prices retroactively - on October 1. Since the beginning of the new school year the leadership of the Belarusian universities has increased tuition by an average of 20%.

For example, tuition at Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics (BSUIR) has been raised from October 1. The corresponding order was signed by Rector on November 14. Students have already paid for the first semester, now they will have to pay the remaining amount. It will vary depending on faculty and courses.

In particular, full-time first-year students of all faculties will have to pay Br540 - Br600 thousand for the first semester, while part-time students - Br224 thousand. Second and third-year students will have to pay Br400 - Br500 thousand, while the graduates - Br400 - Br480 thousand. Part-time second-year students will pay another Br216 thousand, while all the rest - Br216, reports TUT.by.

November 18, the training fees in the Belarusian State Economic University (BSEU) were raised backdating October 1. Full-time students will pay an average of Br1 million, while part-time students - almost Br0.5 million more.

Educational fees in the Belarusian State University (BSU) and the Belarusian National Technical University (BNTU) were raised on November 1. The corresponding orders of a 25% price increase were signed on November 17 and November 18. Full-time student will have to make additional payment up to December 30, part-time students - by January 30.

November 1, the Academy of Management under the President increased cost of education by an average of 20%. During the first semester students will have to pay about Br0.5 million. Tuition fees in the second semester have been raised from Br3.074 million to Br3.842 million.

The Ministry of Education of Belarus recommends the universities and colleges not to increase tuition by more than 25%. This figure is determined by the Ministry after the analysis of costs for educational services - each institution has provided the Office with correct data on the basis of which a consolidated decision has been generated.